A scientist creates a time machine and kills their younger self to see what would happen. And that self-obsessed, misanthrope, mad genius of a scientist is Tim Travers.

And the universe was bad enough with only one of him.


Danny Trejo & Joel McHale join cast Of Tim Travers time travel sci-fi

EXCLUSIVE: Danny Trejo and Joel McHale have been unveiled as key supporting cast members of Stimson Snead’s sci-fi comedy.

Written & directed by

Stimson Snead

Featured cast

Samuel Dunning
Felicia Day
Joel McHale
Danny Trejo
Keith David

Cinematography by

Bryan Gosline

Produced by

Casey Cowan
Rich Cowan
Stimson Snead
Kylie Walchuk
Ben Yennie

Casting By

Nike Imoru
Ronnie Yeskel

Production Design by

Vincent DeFelice