Tim Travers & the Time Traveler’s Paradox

What does he want? Time Travel. When does he want it? Irrelevant.


Bleeding Ink

Cynical, heartfelt, and funny – characters straight from the pen of Stimson Snead.

Educational film

Spirit: A Martian Story

“The story of the Spirit and Opportunity Mars exploration rovers is an extraordinarily inspirational one…”

Distributed by the Aldrin Family Foundation


Voice Acting Demos


Video games

Stimson Book and Song

Books, songs, musicals, and theatrical productions that entertain and inspire.

Music genres include solo classical and pop, choral works, and complete musicals with audio samples in each category.

Literature includes picture books, middle-reader books, poems and novelettes.

Music video

Fellow Robot – Golden Man

“And I still believe, everything I need isn’t far from me…”


Award-winning director, illustrator, and ten-year veteran of the indie scene.

Stimson has been described as an open-minded team leader who lends his signature style to projects with grace and good humor while still respecting the ethos that informs the source material.

Although others have described him as a ticking time bomb of insanity and social anxiety, ready to go screaming off the deep end at any moment.