WHERE IS STIMSON!? Catalyst, S&A and more…

So some of you might have noticed that I dropped off the face of the world a few months back.  Or maybe you didn’t because you don’t care, in which case SAME TO YOU!  Anyway, I’m long overdue for a few updates to the friends, family and colleagues who aren’t within direct earshot of my person.  As ever, I’ve been fighting against certain challenges both new and old, but the good does outweigh the bad right now, and I’m excited to tell you why!

First the bad things that are the unfortunate reason why I’ve been on radio silence.

Several months ago, I uprooted my life in LA to move home to Seattle where I could rally my resources into generating original content under the resurrected label of Catalyst Independent.   Problems both personal and professional have hindered these plans.  A long awaited career opportunity failed to materialize and someone very dear to me has been suffering from a severe medical crisis.  I cannot go into details on these problems, as the effects are still very much in progress and rather devastating.

A causality of these issues has been “Treat Street”.   The proof of concept for a feature film about trick or treaters and their epic quest to take back the candy from the big kids.   We were only a few months out from shooting when this got cancelled and by then considerable time and labor had already gone into it.  My friends David Purdy, David Flanagan, the one and only Brock Otterbacher, Jacqueline Steiger and more had devoted their valuable time and effort to this, so this came as a hard hit.  While it’s on the back-burner for the moment, I am actively refining the screenplay so that we might even skip the proof phase down the road and revisit it this coming summer.  Although I might be a little bit busy…

Which brings me to the good!

S&A is nearly done!  What’s S&A?  Well I’ll tell you.  S&A is a sketch comedy series created by myself and Mr. Alexander Wolfe.  If you’ve ever had the misfortune of getting trapped in a long car ride with us, then you know what you’re in for.  After an entire summer spent writing and recording material, Alex and I had a recording session at JAM Studious in Seattle.  We were joined by our talented cast of Gene Thorkildsen, Heather Ward, Bjorn Whitney and Charissa Adams!  Now that I am well into the post production, I can safely say that the product is funnier and more marketable than I had ever imagined!  My goal is to have the series done in time for Christmas and to be actively seeking distribution through a comedy label.  I hope every one of you will lend us your support and shares when the time comes.

Perhaps the biggest windfall I’ve had of late has come in the form of an intellectual property that I cannot name for legal reasons just yet.  But I cannot begin to express my excitement for this project.  It will be the proof of concept for a potential series to be shot in the Pacific Northwest using local talent and set in one of the most exciting story worlds I’ve ever come across.  That I was able to secure the rights to this material feels like a small miracle.  This is what I hope to be in production on in late spring of this coming year.   As soon as I am legally able, I will be posting a long winded announcement detailing my plans for this IP.  In the meantime, wait and see.

While doing all this, I’ve been fortunate to be able to support myself comfortably thanks to the wonderful Gus, Sunny, Chris and Amy over at Gorden Sound and thanks to Holly Wolfe for making it possible.  I do not think I could have accomplished as much as I have this summer without a generous cash flow and that they have allowed me to do so comfortably makes me very grateful to these folks.  As well as the support of my family and friends, Carmen, Jim, Audrey especially.  You guys are why these good things are happening.

So what’s coming up next?

S & A is the primary focus right now as I work to meet my holiday deadline.  I do need help with S & A though, generating interest and support in advance, but must of all contacts.  I know some of you have these so all hands on deck my friends!  I also welcome input and thoughts on how to promote this material.  There are that other projects as well, but this will warrant an entire post to announce once I am able.

And finally, there is a very exciting personal task I’ve set for myself.  After being inspired by Charissa Adams and her wonderful 100 day project this past spring, I’ve decided to do my own 100 day project of self betterment beginning November 1rst.  As many of you know, I have dabbled in comics for most of my adult life, regularly doing commissions for various individuals.  A weakness of mine has always been speed.  A crippling weakness in fact, that has left several projects unfinished for no reason other than my own inability to complete the labor.  If I am ever to improve as an artist and seriously consider undertaking some of the comic stories I’ve thought about doing in the past, then I must correct this weakness.

So my 100 day project will be a newspaper style comic entitled “Milo The Mad God!” I will never devote more than two hours a day to it, usually less, and this will force me to streamline my artistic process.  I expect this will be some of the worst art I’ve done in years, but I will do it every day and it will no doubt improve my artistic skill!  And I hope all of you will support me in this and HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE!  If a post doesn’t go up, GIVE ME SHIT FOR IT!   And in return for holding me accountable, I will give you a complete 100 strip story about a man trapped in his own D & D inspired imagination, exercising his godlike powers at the expense of the hapless residents of his subconscious.  Sometimes to their benefit, but usually because he’s just nuts.  It’ll be weird, inconsistently drawn, and almost certainly poorly spelled.  But it will be all for you.

So that’s where Stimson is.  Spending too much time writing, too much time editing film, too much time drawing, too much time negotiating and way to much time trying to make something happen.

In other words, I’m doing what I do best and I hope to keep you all part of it.