Headshot for actor stimson snead 2013

Stimson Snead, 2013


Who am I?

Stimson Snead’s film career has been an eclectic one.  In college, he wrote and illustrated the newspaper comic “Bleeding Ink” and supported himself by interning with UPN Spokane (now RTN) while working as the lead camera operator for the Eastern Washington sports department.  He gained a reputation as an aficionado of low budget but large scale projects in his film department before earning his bachelors of arts in Electronic Media and Film.  Graduating top of his class in film production and earning the professors select for directing.Hired strait out of college as the artistic director for Mainspring media.   He quickly moved on to write and direct the “Adventures of Chadwick Periwinkle”, one of the most ambitious web-series ever attempted.  After completing filming on the series he relocated to Los Angeles.  He then spent the next four years working as a private consultant for a variety of projects, which included directing, cinematography, writing, script doctoring and being a concept artist.

His writing has graced the stage of the Hollywood Boulevards IO west.  His directing has been seen in film festivals nationwide and his work as director of photography has graced two tv pilots, several web-series, commercial spots and countless minor projects in between.  His enthusiasm for art has remained intact as well as he’s done commissioned concept art on multiple films and shorts.  His artistic accomplishment including a finished comic book short and several film posters.

Now back in Seattle, he founded his own company Catalyst Independent LLC and its first property “S & A”, a sketch comedy podcast currently in post production on its first season.

Stimson is a utilitarian at heart.  Choosing to work past the vagaries and egos so often associated with film. He concentrates on creating end products to make all the participants proud.  Believing that good art and great entertainment is never mutually exclusive.